I am a creative and award-winning marketer with a wide range of experience and a passion for marketing, particularly digital.

I have nearly a decade of experience working across a variety of fast-paced industries from technology and events to publishing. My expertise lies in digital marketing strategies, content creation, and developing creative campaigns that exceed objectives.

I have demonstrable experience across the marketing mix, developing end-to-end campaigns that deliver results. I have extensive experience building brands online, with in-depth knowledge of writing captivating copy designed to drive clicks, engage audiences, and increase traffic.

I offer a wide range of marketing skills on a freelance basis, including end-to-end campaign management and ideation, digital brand strategy, social media management, and copywriting for B2B and B2C audiences.

I’ve also worked closely with in-house teams to cover senior marketing roles and high-profile campaigns as needed, including acting as Head of Marketing Campaigns at Canongate during a period of parental leave, Digital Marketing Manager at Headline, Head of Marketing at September Publishing, and covering team needs within 4th Estate and HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Campaigns worked on for clients include:


– Really Good, Actually (Monica Heisey)
– Discworld in Audio (Terry Pratchett)
– Katharine Parr: Six Tudor Queens (Alison Weir)
– Elizabeth of York (Alison Weir)
– In The Shadow of Queens (Alison Weir)
– Henry VIII (Alison Weir)
– The Last House on the Street (Diane Chamberlain)
– The Midwife’s Secret (Emily Gunnis)
– Three Weddings & A Proposal (Sheila O’Flanagan)
– Madly, Deeply (Alan Rickman)
– Family Lore (Elizabeth Acevedo)
– To Die in June (Alan Parks)
– None of This is Serious PB (Catherine Prasifka)
– The Caretaker HB (Ron Rash)
– The Devil Stone PB (Caro Ramsay)
– The Medici Murders PB (David Hewson)
– What Eden Did Next (Sheila O’Flanagan)
– The Woman on the Bridge (Sheila O’Flanagan)
– The Displacements (Bruce Holsinger)
– The Last Hours in Paris (Ruth Druart)
– Traitor in the Ice (K.J. Maitland)
– You Can Stay (Elle Connel)
– The Beloved Girls (Harriet Evans)
– One Of Our Ministers Is Missing (Alan Johnson)
– 12 Hours To Say I Love You (Olivia Poulet & Laurence Dobiez)
– Henry VIII (Alison Weir)
– Normal Women (Philippa Gregory)
– The Future (Naomi Alderman)
– Butter (Asako Yuzuki)
– Friendaholic (Elizabeth Day)
– The Beholders (Hester Musson)
– Queen K (Sarah Thomas)
– Delicate Condition (Danielle Valentine)
– You’d Look Better As A Ghost (Joanna Wallace)
– The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels (Janice Hallett)
– The Christmas Appeal (Janice Hallett)
– Freeze (Kate Simants)
– A Flaw in the Design (Nathan Oates)
– Helle & Death (Oskar Jensen)
– The Dark Remains (William McIlvanney & Ian Rankin)
– A Room Made Of Leaves (Kate Grenville)
– A Corruption of Blood (Ambrose Parry)
– Good Husbands (Cate Ray) HB & PB


– Friends, Lovers & The Big Terrible Thing (Matthew Perry)
– This Ragged Grace HB (Octavia Bright)
– What Is A Doctor HB (Phil Whitaker)
– What Went Wrong With Brexit HB (Peter Foster)
– (M)otherhood (Pragya Argawal)
– Let The Light Pour In (Lemn Sissay)
– Walking Back Home (Ricky Ross)
– James Acaster’s Guide to Quitting Social Media (James Acaster)
– Small Bodies of Water (Nina Mingya Powls)
– Baggage (Alan Cumming)
– Black Ghosts (Noo Saro-Wiwa)
– Faith, Hope & Carnage (Nick Cave)
– Livewired (David Eagleman)
– All The Frequent Trouble of our Days (Rebecca Donner)
– The Human Cosmos (Jo Marchant)
– The Expectation Effect (David Robson)
– The Condor’s Feather (Michael Webster)
– The Slow Road to Tehran (Rebecca Lowe) HB & PB
– Brutal Outer London (Simon Phipps)
– Hagitude (Sharon Blackie)
– Run Towards the Danger (Sarah Polley) HB & PB
– The Dragonfly Sea (Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor)
– The Healing Power of Nature (Vincent van Gogh)
– The Wheel (Jennifer Lane)
– The Jive Talker (Samson Kambalu)
– Fixing the Planet (Michael Norton)
– The Threat (Lilia Giugni)
– Two Lights (James Roberts)
– One Fine Day (Ian Marchant)
– The Witch’s Survival Guide (Jennifer Lane)
– Encounterism (Andy Field)
– Tender Maps (Alice Maddicott)
– Salt & Skin (Eliza Henry-Jones)

Children’s & YA

– Gangsta Granny Strikes Again (David Walliams)
– The Burpee Bears (Joe Wicks)
– The Boy Who Accidentally Got Famous (David Baddiel)
– Fireborn (Aisling Fowler)
– Pages & Co: The Book Smugglers (Anna James)
– A Clock of Stars: Beyond the Mountains (Francesca Gibbons)
– Einstein the Penguin (Iona Rangeley)
– Geenie & Teeny (Steven Lenton)
– The Last Bear (Hannah Gold)
– Paddington Classics reissues (Michael Bond)
– Einstein the Penguin (Iona Rangeley)
– Spaceboy (David Walliams)
– Pax 2 (Sarah Pennypacker)
– When Things Went Wild (Tom Mitchell)
– Pages & Co 5 (Anna James)
– Nick & Charlie (Alice Oseman)
– Powerless (Lauren Roberts)
– Reckless (Lauren Roberts)
– The First to Die at the End (Adam Silvera)

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Achievements to date:

✨ Won a BMS award in November 2023 for LET THE LIGHT POUR IN (Winner Adult Non-Fiction)

✨ Won a BMS award in November 2023 for COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY 14th EDITION (Spotlight Winner Audience Development)

✨ Managed Meta ads for BMS award-winning & Sunday Times bestseller THE LIST in hardback (4th Estate)

✨ Managed Meta ads for Sunday Times bestseller THE LOST RAINFORESTS OF BRITAIN in hardback (4th Estate)

✨ Managed Meta ads for Sunday Times bestseller DEMON COPPERHEAD in hardback and paperback (Faber)

✨ Managed Meta ads for BMS award-winning & Sunday Times bestseller REALLY GOOD, ACTUALLY in hardback and paperback (4th Estate)

✨ Won a BMS award in January 2023 for SPACEBOY (Spotlight Winner Graft)

✨ Won a BMS award in December 2022 for JAMES ACASTER’S GUIDE TO QUITTING SOCIAL MEDIA (Spotlight Winner Creativity)

✨ Managed Facebook and Instagram ads for BMS award-winning & Sunday Times bestseller STILL LIFE in paperback (4th Estate)

✨ Managed digital campaign – including briefing social creative, organic social calendar, Facebook and Instagram ads, TikTok advertising, Twitter advertising and display campaign – for BMS award-winning & Sunday Times bestseller BOOK LOVERS paperback (Penguin)

✨ Won a BMS award in September 2021 for Cari Thomas’s THREADNEEDLE (Winner YA Fiction Campaign)

Achievements while in-house:

Won a BMS award in January 2020 for Dawn O’Porter’s So Lucky (Highly Commended Adult Fiction Campaign)

Won two BMS awards in November 2019 for HarperVoyager’s #StartYourVoyage (Winner Multi-Title Campaign) and Susan Lewis’ One Minute Later (Spotlight On Audience Development)

Achieved a Sunday Times no. 1 bestseller for Bernard Cornwell’s WAR LORD, with a year long multi-channel campaign that broke multiple records for the brand

Charted at no. 3 for S.J. Parris’ Execution with a long-tail pre-order focused campaign

Charted at no. 6 with a creative campaign for Emma Jane Unsworth’s second novel, #ADULTS🙃

Charted at no. 8 and quadrupled pre-order target for Dawn O’Porter’s So Lucky

Achieved Sunday Times top 10 position for Dawn O’Porter’s non-fiction Life In Pieces

Achieved Sunday Times top 10 position and a Kindle number 1 bestseller for Susan Lewis

Grew a brand author’s newsletter database by over 850% in less than 6 months

Increased HarperVoyager’s social engagement by over 30% in just three months

Successful launch of Collins Word of the Year 2018 campaign, delivering 2.2% uplift in media coverage and significant uplift in social media engagement

Increased Astronomy subscriber list by 128% in a 6-month period

Increased @NatGeoKidsUK Twitter following by 105% in a 3-month period

Increased overall traffic to blog by 329% within 6 months of joining, with several pieces of content ranking in the top 10 most visited blogs for 2017